FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.

Table of Contents

  1. Do I need to be a good singer?
  2. What facilities do you need?
  3. How much notice do you need to book?
  4. Can you play my CDs or Vinyl Discs?
  5. How much deposit is required?
  6. What are the terms for cancellations?

Do I Need to be a good singer?


Certainly not.  Though you may be surprised at how good you sound.

Remember you are among friends. 

If you have never sung and lack confidence why not get a friend to join you or ask me to sing with you.

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What Facilities do you need?


I need mains electricity or a suitable generator. 

If the venue is out of doors suitable shelter to protect electrical equipment. 

Somewhere nearby to park my car


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How Much Notice Do You Need?


I prefer to have at least a week to plan a show.  However if it is short notice I will do my best.

In the peak wedding season book really early to avoid disappointment.


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Can you play my CDs, cassettes or Vinyl discs?


Yes I can play standard CDs and CDGs (karaoke disks) and DVDs without needing any advance notice.

However If you want me to play other media please let me know before the event or when booking. 



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What deposit is required?


We require a no refundable deposit of 20 to reserve a date and time.    The balance must be paid 7 days before the date booked.

 If I don't receive your deposit within 72 hours of booking I reserve the right to cancel and take another appointment.

Failure to pay the balance 7 days before the date booked may result in cancellation at my discretion..

If you cancel your booking at least 72 hours before the event I will retain the deposit but return the remainder, if any.  

In cases of less than 48 hours or no notice of cancellation no refunds will be made.  If the booking is postponed rather than cancelled

I will strictly without prejudice see what I can do for a new appointment.

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What are Terms for Cancellation?

If you need to reschedule due to change of date or venue I will do my best to accommodate this.  If there are additional costs then obviously these will be payable too.  However, in cases of permanent cancellations, the deposit is non refundable.  Also see above

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